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Wednesday, September 1, 2010

KOREA let it begin

Well we made it! We are here in Korea and i must day i like it pretty well. The first day we got here we were met by a lady in our ward named Kim Adams and her baby Johnathan who gave us a ride to our hotel. Then we stayed at the TLF for a couple days while touring the BX and going bowling with almost half the ward and almost all the youth hahah there was like 15 of us.

After my parents decided on a house we moved in right away, at first all we had was air mattresses. Now after like a week we have a refrigerator, computer, hot water, air conditioning, dishes washer and dryer, toaster, and microwave. We are still waiting on the shipment with the beds and couch and TVs and the big things. Oh i wish i had my bed but i will live without it for a couple more weeks.

School, school is good. At first i was overwhelmed and worried that i would fail or that i wouldn't have any friends but i have gone there for three whole days! and i already have a couple friends and i like it well enough. Also, this is a big deal, i am trying out for cheer leading, yeah you heard me a semi-sport i Rachel Ives am trying out for. haha Jacob is on the football team and is going to do basketball so i will get to cheer for him. All this started because one of my new friends forced/convinced me to and i guess it might help me be a more well rounded student if i am a part of a team effort and yesterday was my first practice, everyone else is 3rd, and it was actually fun. there is no dance classes here for my age so this is a robotic stiff version of dance and i like it.

Rebecca and i are the 3rd and 4th young women to the ward and the other two are sisters as well. Every one else in the ward seems very nice even if we all fit in a room the size of our old relief society room.

All in all Korea is going well. :) I miss everyone from Arizona though.


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